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Outdoor startups embrace small Colorado towns

Small mountain towns in Colorado are increasingly home to incubating manufacturing startups in the outdoor industry, and none seems to be doing a better job of it than Steamboat Springs. While famous for being the home to more Winter Olympics athletes than any other in the nation, it also is home to an incredible assortment […]

From wartime work to peaceful play

Everyone in Colorado knows why people from other states continue to move here. The area is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, with lots of hiking and biking trails, places to mountain climb or boulder, many areas for water sports, camping and fishing. But how did Colorado become one of the major outdoor industry hubs in the […]

Manufacturers picky about where they make camp

We all have reasons — sometimes leaking into rationalization — for being where we are. But whether it’s love, location or incredible luck or lucidity, here are some of our favorite reasons for outdoor manufacturers to be where they are in Colorado — which, of course is always a good place to continue to be, […]

Industry association: There’s green in those green spaces

The outdoor industry accounts for $646 billion in retail sales and services, $80 billion in federal, state and local tax revenues and 6.1 million American jobs, according to the Boulder-based Outdoor Industry Association. The industry shows no sign of a slowdown. Colorado established itself as a major outdoor-industry hub in the aftermath of World War […]

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  • Despite political differences, Denver, Colorado Springs similar in cannabis use habits

    A study from Consumer Research Around Cannabis shows how opinions around cannabis compare among adults in Denver and Colorado Springs. While Colorado Springs identifies as more conservative — 39 percent, with 20 percent identifying as liberal and 41 percent as independent — people there have usage opinions very similar to the more liberal Denver — 30 percent of residents identify as liberal, versus 31 percent conservative and 39 percent independent. Overall, more adults 18 and older approve of legalized medical and recreational marijuana use in Denver than in Colorado Springs. About 58 percent of adults approve it in Denver, compared to 52 percent in Colorado Springs. But, based on political affiliation, opinions are very similar: About 75 percent of liberals in Denver approve of legalized marijuana and 72 percent of liberals in Colorado Springs approved. About 37 percent of conservatives in Denver approved, compared to 34 percent of conservatives in Colorado Springs. And 61 percent of independents in Denver approved, with 59 percent of independents in Colorado Springs approving. Reasons for use also lined up. For both cities, one of the top reasons for using cannabis was to help with sleep — 23 percent in Denver compared to 17.5 percent in Colorado Springs, putting it at reason No. 2 and No. 1 respectively. Treating chronic pain was the biggest reason for Denver adults at 23.1 percent and No. 3 for Colorado Springs adults at 17 percent. (Treating temporary and minor pain was the second biggest reason of use for Colorado Springs with 17.2 percent of adults using it for that, while temporary pain was less of a priority for Denver.) Down the line of 16 reasons, numbers vary slightly but are mostly comparable. Consumer Research Around Cannabis also provided a snapshot of cannabis use in the Denver Greater Metropolitan Area — the 17th largest media market in the U.S., which includes 48 counties in Colorado, 14 counties in Nebraska and 6 counties in Wyoming. In that area, about 49.6 percent of adults have used cannabis in the last year, or 1.6 million adults. The average age is 42 and the largest age group by usage is 25- to 34-year-olds with 23.9 percent usage. The average household income of those who have bought cannabis in the last year is a little more than $64,000. Treating chronic pain and helping with sleep are tied in the greater Denver metro area, with 47.2 percent of cannabis users citing both as the main reason they consume marijuana.  

  • Chicago-based firm buys apartments in Denver’s RiNo for $89M

    DENVER – Chicago-based Amli Residential has purchased another Denver apartment complex, this time in the River North area, for $89 million, according to Denver County public records. The Denver Business Journal reports that The Crossing at Denargo Market, at 2525 Wewatta Way, traded to Amli last week, according to a special warranty deed filed with the Denver County Clerk. The property has been renamed Amli Denargo Market The 321-unit complex sold for $277,258 per unit. Its acquisition brings the total number of Colorado apartment units owned by privately-held Amli to more than 3,000.

  • Business Park in Douglas County adds bike-share program

    A business park in Douglas County has unchained a bike-share program it hopes will take a bite out of the number of car trips that occur within its boundaries every day and help address the “first mile/last mile” dilemma transit users often face. The Denver Post reports that M-Bike, as the Meridian Metro District has dubbed its program, went live Wednesday. It features 50 bikes at 11 stations scattered around the Meridian International Business Center, a 1,685-acre mixed-used area roughly located southeast of the C-470–Interstate 25 interchange. Transit-minded cities like Denver and Boulder have large bike-share networks, but according to Meridian’s internal analysis, it is the first business park in Colorado — and only second in the nation — to offer a program of its own.

  • Denver-Sample-Marijuana-Market-Snapshot

    Just about half of adults in the greater Denver metro area have consumed cannabis in the last year, according to a study from Consumer Research Around Cannabis.

  • googlepearlplace.sept20

    The first phase of Pearl Place, Google Inc.’s new campus in Boulder, is nearing completion, with mostly interior work remaining. BizWest/Doug Storum.

  • Google pays $138M for new campus property in Boulder

    BOULDER — Google Inc. has paid nearly $138 million in two transactions toward its new campus in Boulder. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company earlier this month paid $130,944,000 for a 3-acre lot and two buildings at the southwest corner of Pearl and 30th streets, and in January had paid $7,014,000 for an adjacent 1.3-acre lot still to be developed. Google bought the property from Glendale-based Forum Real Estate Group that used the entity Pearl Place Phase I Vertical LLC, which recently was merged with Pearl Place Associates LLC, to make the transaction, according to Boulder County public records. The campus, called Pearl Place, is being built on a 4.3-acre site near the southwest corner of 30th and Pearl streets. It will consist of three, approximately 100,000-square-foot, four-story buildings. The first phase —  two buildings —  is nearing completion. Cost to develop the second phase — one building on the 1.3-acre site —  has yet to be announced. The project enables Google to expand from its present 300 employees in Boulder to as many as 1,500 over the next decade. In 2015, Darren Fisk, founder and chief executive of the Forum Real Estate Group, said the group would lease the buildings to Google. Fisk on Wednesday did not respond to a request for comment, nor did Google Inc.  

  • U.S. SBA administrator to join Denver Startup Week

    DENVER — Linda McMahon, administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, is coming to the Front Range to join a panel for Denver Startup Week. McMahon will sit down with Chase Business Banking CEO Andrew Kresse to discuss how the SBA is helping small businesses in Denver and the U.S. The two will talk about policy initiatives and how the SBA can help with access to capital and counseling. The panel will take place at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 28, at 1245 Champa Street in Denver. The event is free and open to the public but registration is recommended.  

  • googlepearl3.sept20

    The first phase of Pearl Place, Google Inc.’s new campus in Boulder, is nearing completion, with mostly interior work remaining. BizWest/Doug Storum.

  • googlepearl2.sept20

    The first phase of Pearl Place, Google Inc.’s new campus in Boulder, is nearing completion. BizWest/Doug Storum.